Driving Business Impact with Creative Strategy & Behaviors

Forward-thinking agencies and advertisers are constantly innovating on Facebook’s platforms, developing fresh and compelling campaigns that build lasting connections, driving results to positively impact business. Join Facebook’s Creative Researcher for Marketing Science, Audrey Burgess, as she discusses some of the common creative strategies that breakthrough brands are successfully leveraging across Facebook. Audrey will touch on the research and analysis that went into identifying the six key behaviors and highlight key learnings and actions for each. She’ll share how ultimately in order to breakthrough, agencies and brands need to understand consumer’s needs, support those needs with purpose, and bring ideas to life in innovative ways.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the importance of building connections and how to consistently engage with communities and take action based on what you learn from those groups
  • Take creative chances and drive exceptional results by seeking out ways to shock your audience
  • Understand how your brand voice should benefit others, and how to find authentic ways to address this