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Full-day, interactive workshops devoted to in-depth learning

“Thanks for a fantastic class. After so many months working remotely, you have my mind spinning with ideas on how we can maximize our content. Great stuff!”

DS At Home Masterclass attendee

June 22, 2021 | 10:00AM – 4:00PM (ET)

(Included with All Access Pass, upgrade required for Base Pass)

Digital Summit Masterclasses are the perfect expansion of the core Digital Summit conference experience. Each virtual classroom will be a highly interactive, deep-dive taught by the brightest minds in marketing and technology — on the complex topics and strategies that matter most to your company’s bottom line.

We’ve added these virtual Masterclasses to the online At Home events this year for only $100 more (as part of our All Access Pass).

We have these amazing courses available for Digital Summit At Home:

Day 1 Tuesday, June 22

10:00am - 2:00pm

Growing Up: Build Your Social Media Strategy for 2021 and Beyond

  • Lauren Teague, Convince & Convert
  • Lauren Teague

An active social media program consists of content that gets noticed, connections with key audiences, and metrics that demonstrate how social media contributes to overall business health. Yet even in the best of programs, social media practitioners have a hard time keeping up with the constant change of what works in social media. If you aren’t working from a strategy built in the last year, you don’t have a social media strategy.

This advanced social media masterclass bridges the gap between preparation and opportunity, to best set you up for social media success. Together, we’ll spend the day talking about what a social media strategy needs to look like in 2021, and demonstrating how to build one from the ground up.

During the class, we’ll also walk through the steps of a social media audit to evaluate your existing organic and paid social media marketing activities, and understand how to benchmark against an industry or set of competitors. Learn about content best practices and how to make content move, sing, and smile to capture your audience’s attention. Understand what matters in measurement and reporting, and create a framework of KPIs that demonstrate program health. Build a social media playbook you can take back and implement immediately, and learn how to make adjustments, so your strategy leads to more winning moments.

You’ll receive an online interactive workbook to use during class, which will allow you to walk through exercises, and personalize what you learn to your company or brand. Attendees need to bring a laptop or tablet and be able to log into your own social media channels. Group activities will provide opportunities for hands-on learning while making new connections.

You’ll walk away with the clarity of social media strategy rooted in a strong foundation. By knowing how to prepare, you’ll understand how to succeed when the opportunity arises.

After this masterclass, you’ll be able to:

  • Audit your current state of social
  • Identify landscape and competitive benchmarks
  • Use content that moves, sings and smiles to capture audience attention
  • Refresh social media reports for your organization
  • Choose KPIs that demonstrate campaign health
  • Understand how paid media augments a healthy organic strategy
  • Create a social media playbook for your brand
  • Dial in the best tools and processes for you and your team
Included with All Access Pass, upgrade required for Base Pass
  • Social Media
  • Strategy

11:00am - 3:00pm

Forget Everything You Know About Email Marketing

  • Jen Capstraw, Women of Email
  • Jen Capstraw

In this robust workshop designed for those with a grasp of email fundamentals, Jen Capstraw will reveal her arsenal of strategy secrets, highlighting common email marketer myths and mistakes—and how to correct course. You’ll reconsider what you thought you knew about email, and emerge with a fresh perspective that will accelerate ROI.

After this masterclass, you’ll be able to:

  • List the components of a complete email program
  • Determine email best practices worth busting
  • Implement The Goldilocks Zone: A practical path to personalization
  • Break free of batch ‘n blast
  • Know when to just say no to A/B testing
  • Name the essential components of preference centers that work
  • Understand the future of email
Included with All Access Pass, upgrade required for Base Pass
  • Email Marketing

12:00pm - 4:00pm

SEO in 2021: Win More Visibility in Customer Searches

  • Greg Gifford, SearchLab Digital
  • Greg Gifford

COVID has changed consumer behavior, and showing up in Google searches is more important than ever before. In this masterclass, you’ll learn how Google actually works and how to optimize your digital presence to attract more customers. You’ll learn specific tactics to help boost visibility in searches and leave with a detailed playbook for 2021. Whether you handle your own SEO or you’re looking to hire an SEO partner, this masterclass will give you everything you need to know to grow your business in 2021.

After this masterclass, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand how Google’s algorithm functions and which elements it uses for ranking
  • Identify technical issues that could be hurting visibility and user experience
  • Learn how to write content that customers love and Google rewards
  • Learn how to acquire links from other websites to help boost relevance
  • Learn how to gain more visibility in local searches
  • Learn how to optimize Google My Business
  • Learn how to use Google Analytics to track organic performance and site actions
  • Create a prioritized strategy for SEO in 2021
Included with All Access Pass, upgrade required for Base Pass
  • B2B
  • B2C
  • SEO & Search

“I’ve never seen a conference go this in-depth, this is awesome!”

DS At Home Masterclass attendee

What’s Included?

4 hours of deep-dive content, tips, and insights (per Masterclass)

Workbooks from all Masterclasses

Exclusive DS Masterclass Certification

The ROI from a DS Masterclass is unbelievable

We’re already pretty excited about the impact that two core days of Digital Summit is going to have on your business and professional toolkit.

But add the Masterclass day? Wowee…you’ll be able to unleash exponentially more potential impact in your marketing campaigns, strategy, and customer relationships.

We are confident the number of tangible, actionable things you’ll take away will more than justify the time and money you spend to join us on Masterclass day.

FAQs about our Masterclasses

Hands down, DS Masterclasses go the most in-depth our into topic offerings – ideal for subjects like analytics, content marketing, social media, and CRO that have a lot of complexity and moving pieces to them. Our masterclasses offer a more intimate teacher-student environment to create a highly-specialized learning experience.

The Masterclass is included in the All Access Pass only. If you’re already registered with a Base Pass and would like to add the Masterclass, just select the add-on option on the registration page.

DS Masterclass instructors will typically include a little context-setting content in their lessons but, as a whole, our Masterclasses are designed to be more advanced and highly tactical – ideal for seasoned marketing practitioners from most any company size or industry.

Yes! Our instructors love the interaction with you and facilitating that between you and your fellow attendees. They build multiple interactive exercises and Q&A opportunities throughout the day.

Yes! All Masterclasses will be available post-event to rewatch. We’ll send out an email post event with instructions on how to access.

Not at all – you’re welcome to attend whichever session you’d like. Feel free to jump in and out of sessions during the event as well.